According to the 2010 American Community Survey, 19.4 million Americans struggle with affordable housing issues, so why don’t we talk about it? Learn the truth about how affordable housing benefits the community at large by watching this video and send us your testimony. Listen, learn and let your voice be heard. I'm affordable housing!

How to Get Involved

AHA created the following Everybody Knows campaign materials and they are available for you to download, post and share.

2011 Housing Report:

This report answers your questions about what affordable housing is, what it looks like, who needs it and the challenges faced by residents of Hamilton County.


Radio PSA's

Post Everybody Knows campaign flyer to bulletin boards at work, school or church.

Web Banners

Post Everybody Knows campaign web banners to your website. Download the banner size that fits best within the current design of your website; create hyperlink to this campaign landing page.

Everybody Knows...Do you?
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Everybody Knows...I am affordable housing.
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